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faith lehane

The way I play

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series RP. Seasonal, AU, Pre/Post-series. Fandom crossovers done. One on one or group setting.

Dirty for dirty

Faith/Dean, Faith/Wes, Faith/Xander, Faith/Connor, Faith/Angel[us], Faith/Spike preferred. Most pairings accepted though.

Bad company

brawn_and_brain - Faith/Wes - Pre Faith, Hope, Trick
cagedheat - Faith/Angel - Post Not Fade Away
soullessnights - Faith/Angelus/Buffy - AU Release +
gastoflame - Faith/Spike - Post Not Fade Away
homeisgone - Faith/Fred - AU Soulless +

letsey_x - Header
drankmywar -Info pic